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Turkish Lira & Money in Turkey The unit of Turkish money is the Turkish Lira (Türk Lirası, TL or TRY).A unique symbol was introduced by the Turkish Central Bank to denote the Turkish Lira. Banknotes are in denominations of TL1 (rare), 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 liras.. The lira is divided into 100 Kuruş (koo-ROOSH), with coins in denominations of Kr 1 (rare), 5, 10, 25 and 50 (Kuruş). Money - Turkey travel advice - GOV.UK The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. ATMs are widely available in major cities and tourist areas. You can get local currency from banks and exchange bureaux, known as DOVIZ in Turkish.

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As Turkey is very closely linked with Europe the Euro currency is accepted in the country by many traders and therefore it can be spent in the country as part of your holiday spending money if …

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