Port forwarding has been set up in the router with port 3389 forwarding to the IP address of the server where we want the users to access. Please post your Port Forward command sequence used for port 3389. We can successfully internally ping the IP address of the server which accepts port 3389.

Still not working for me. I've got ports 8080-8080 forwarding to port 80 of my desktop PC's static IP address. And 4009-4009 forwarding to port 3389 of the same IP for remote desktop access. These worked perfectly fine using my Spectrum coax cable modem/router, but not working on the LTE Gateway. Re: Port Forwarding not working I'm running an online game and I'm of course the hoster. When I open the game application, it automatically opens the ports the app requires (7171 an 7172) and after 5 minutes, port 7171 closes by itself, then after 50 minutes it would randomly open. If the port forwarding rule is configured correctly, but the server does not respond, verify that it is listening for the traffic on the correct port and is online. The below diagram illustrates a HTTP connection attempting to establish to a server which is not online or listening to port 80. Jan 24, 2020 · Troubleshooting. Bridge Mode: You cannot configure Port Forwarding on AmpliFi if your router is set to Bridge Mode, since it is effectively not acting as a router.However, if the AmpliFi router is connected behind another router, this can cause conflict in port forwarding scenarios, since the port you just opened on AmpliFi would not be open in the second router (or vice versa).

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The Port has been forwarded on the Hub, and even with firewall temporarily disabled the port forwarding is not working. It has worked previously (6 months or more ago). I don't want to put the hub i modem mode as that will disable the wifi. Port Forwarding not working Fix!!! (Fire Wall wont Block Jun 12, 2016 Home Internet - Port Forwarding not working | T-Mobile

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