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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 that keeps disconnecting from Jul 04, 2020 Velop often disconnected from internet - Linksys Community Hi, I've been using Velop (3-pack nodes) for more than a couple of month now, happy so far, but with one annoyance: sometimes the Velop keeps disconnecting from the internet, it goes offline glowing the red LED light. The main Velop is connected to a ZTE FO (Fiber Optic) modem via an ethernet (RJ4

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Ive had a similar problem, but whats worse is even if i connect via LAN, im getting speeds that are a fraction of what im actually getting. Ill do a speed test via my router app and get something like 300up/60down, but when i run the test connection on my PS4, its reading 50up/3down lol.

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