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Aug 01, 2009 · The viscosity value at 5 rpm is divided by the viscosity value at 50 rpm. For a pseudoplastic material, the ratio of the two viscosities is a number that is greater than 1. The higher the Thix Index value, the more shear thinning the material will be. The program uses the most accurate nist-equations of state and models currently available: High accuracy Helmholtz energy nist-equations of state, including international standard nist-equations for water, R134a, R32, and R143a and nist-equations from the literature for ethane, propane, R125, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and others. Viscosity index calculator; Viscosity index calculator. The viscosity of a fluid is its resistance to flow and is highly influenced by temperature. It decreases with rising temperature, i.e. the fluid becomes more liquid. The dependency of the kinematic viscosity on the temperature can be comparatively assessed by means of the viscosity index. Calculate with this converting program the units to US/UK units or SI units. You can see viscosity as the resistance. When the resistance gets higher, the viscosity get greater with it. The unit of dynamic viscosity is the Poiseuille (=Pa·s). When you know the viscosity, you can amongst others calculate the number of Reynolds. The coefficient of viscosity of water at 10 o C is 1.3 x 10-3 N s m-2. Since F = ŋA x velocity gradient, the frictional force on an area of 10cm 2 in water at 10 o C between two layers of water 0.1 cm apart which move with a relative velocity of 2 cm s -1 is found as follows: 1. Drug companies manufacture medicines, such as cough syrup, that have a high viscosity yet are still drinkable, in order to coat the throat. 2. Gum that we use are highly viscous , to hold mating part before strongly before sticking action comp Viscosity is the resistance to movement. Water flows fast so it has low viscosity, honey has a high viscosity. (iii) The viscosity of a few medications, such as the various liquids used to remove warts, has also been modified for easier application.

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In this case, the requirements for a scientifically precise calculation of the viscosity would not be met because the precondition is laminar flow. Figure 1: Flow curve and viscosity curve of water, tested in a double-gap system at T = +20 °C: Within the shear rate range shown (0.2 s -1 to 200 s -1 ), water displays ideally viscous flow

stated viscosity value to prove the instrument is in good working condition. Then QC must report back that product is failing the viscosity test. Follow these three easy Follow these three easy steps in selecting the proper viscometer, along with viscosity standard fluid, and your QC Lab will be in good shape. When there is Viscosity: The Basics - Chemical Engineering | Page 1 Aug 01, 2009 Viscosity Chart - Dixon Valve US