To set a dns server:. Edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf; uncomment line supersede domain-name-servers ( or add this line, if you don't have it ) and list your desired dns servers separated by coma, end with semicolon. It is line 20 of the /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf.For example, mine looks like this: supersede domain-name-servers,,;

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Mar 27, 2017 Static DNS with static ip adresses - NTC Hosting Static DNS. When users host their domain names on free or commercial servers, they usually get a static IP (non-changeable IP) address for their websites, which involves the use of static name servers, or static DNS, as well. Static DNS settings will never update on their own and will remain the same, until you decide to update them.

Hi, This DNS keyword results in intercepting DNS answers through ASA and rewrite the IP according to the static NAT configured. So, if a client in the inside network queries a DNS server in the outside ( e.g. the Internet) for the local server IP, the DNS response will originally hold the public IP of the server (since it is seen as public IP from the DNS server standpoint).

What is the difference between static and local dns There are multiple spaces for Static DNS settings because it is common to configure two DNS servers for resolving public domains. This is simply for redundancy, in case one is down. But on a small network like the router is intended to serve, it's extremely unlikely that there would be more than one local DNS server. Solved: How to set static DNS for Cisco AnyConn - Cisco Is it possible to set up static DNS for users connecting via Cisco AnyConnect ? Can I set up internal DNS server to be their primary dns? We are using local domain for our employees at work, after setting up our ssl connection, so they can work from home, they are receiving ip address and subnet mask but, dns settings shown on TCP/IP settings on adapter are blank. DNS servers in Germany - Public DNS Server List