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A lot of things can cause longer ping times but high on the list is that the PC or server itself (not the network) is busy. And remember you didn't buy that server to answer pings all day but to move files etc so ping is not a high priority task. High ping times - AT&T U-verse | DSLReports Forums Apr 25, 2013 Losing WiFi, High Ping times, Not Charging, 1st gen : Nest Losing WiFi, High Ping times, Not Charging, 1st gen So I'm having a couple issues apparently with my Gen 1 Nest. Over the past few months the Wi-Fi has been dropping out when the voltage drops below ~3.6 V, I've been manually charging it up every couple days. Solved: Nightly ping spikes and high ping - Xfinity® Help

I am sorry to hear about the high ping times you are getting on Verizons servers. We would like to take a look at this to see what's going on. We need more specific information about your account, so we have copied your post to our private support board. Please refer all correspondences to there from here on out.

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Poor Wireless Connection. If you are using a wireless network connection like Wi-Fi, please make … [SOLVED] Troubleshooting high pings - Networking - Spiceworks May 09, 2014 How to Fix High Ping in Online Games - Kill Ping