It isn't possible to edit the email list and remove people from it. Google always recommend adding your voice to their feedback when these sorts of questions are raised. You can do this from any Google Forms form page by clicking on the question mark at the bottom right of the page.

Google API Console Google API Console Users.messages: delete | Gmail API | Google Developers Aug 16, 2019 The Complete Guide to Fixing Google Contacts Google Contacts needs to get better. Google and Gmail devotees regularly deal with duplicate contacts, sync abnormalities, over-stuffed contact groups, and other problems. Here are our best Deleted in Outlook but not from Gmail -

How to Mass Delete All the Emails in a Folder in Gmail

How to Remove Google From Your Life (And Why That’s Nearly Apr 16, 2018 How to delete Google Service or youtube Account In this video, I'll show you how to delete Google services attached to particular Google Account using Android Phone. and how to delete google email address or Gmail account along with all the

Deleted in Outlook but not from Gmail -

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